October 13, 2016

The time has come for Weld County residents to raise our voices and defend our local economy.

Injustice for Weld County

Weld County is home to approximately 89% of Colorado’s oil and natural gas production.  Of the signatures that were validated by the Secretary of State on two anti-industry ballot initiatives, more than 70% came from the Denver Metro Area and Boulder.  Fewer than 1% came from Weld County.  Additionally, much of the funding for the initiatives originated in San Francisco.

In other words, not only do San Francisco, Denver and Boulder want to tell Weld County residents what they can and can’t do with their property, they want to enshrine it in Colorado’s Constitution!

Some context…

Earlier this year, activist groups attempted to place two initiatives on the ballot to severely restrict oil and gas development in Colorado.  Initiative 75 would have drastically and unreasonably altered regulatory authority over the industry, and Initiative 78 would have banned more than 90 percent of future oil and gas development statewide through geographical restrictions.  Thankfully, the proponents of these initiatives failed to collect enough valid signatures to make the ballot.

Those same proponents are quick to point out that the industry spent many times more money than they did to encourage people not to sign petitions.  They might be right about that.

But what they don’t tell you is that of the $526,000 dollars contributed to the proponent side, $230,000 of that came from the San Francisco-based Sierra Club.  And who funded the pre-campaign polling for the initiatives? San Francisco-based billionaire environmental activist Tom Steyer.  The campaign also took donations from the Netherlands, Denmark, Canada, Germany, Spain, Slovakia, Norway, Australia, UK, Malaysia and Iceland.

Raise your voices!

The Constitution is the State’s founding document.  Within it belong policies, limitations and procedures for how our government should operate.  Industry-specific regulations don’t belong in the Constitution any more than tax policy or wildlife management (both are currently in the Constitution).

Unfortunately, because of the ease of amending Colorado’s Constitution, it has become a playground for out of state special interests like the Sierra Clubs and Tom Steyers of the world.

The Weld Energy Councils encourage our followers to support Amendment 71, which requires proponents of any ballot initiative to change the Constitution to collect signatures from the entire state rather than just a few selected areas.  Help us #ProtectOurConstitution.